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Marathon Training Programs For Runners


All-World is a group of athletes spanning worldwide. While training programs and goals vary from athlete to athlete, one thing is the same for each athlete: the All-World spirit of smart work and steady improvement— any team can work hard, but not every team can work smart. A smart team does not mean that every athlete does the same thing every day.

Rather, All-World is a group of individual athletes each following their own specific training program, while all working towards a common purpose.

Purpose is contagious!


All-World is comprised of athletes from across the globe, all united by their shared passion for fitness and achieving personal bests. The most valuable aspect of the community in All-World is its ability to inspire a culture of accountability.

By uniting the community of athletes, it ensures that all athletes feel a sense of connection and accountability to each other.

Plus, when the training gets hard, staying engaged with other athletes through a globally connected community is the best way to stay inspired—to stay hungry for more! It is this sense of camaraderie on All-World that fosters a culture of positive energy and success.

Remember, success is contagious!

It’s Not Just a Movement. It’s an UPRISING.

We’ll help you achieve athletic feats beyond your wildest dreams.


All Distances. All Levels.

Improve your time. Increase your distance. Run pain-free.

Ready to take your marathon training to the next level?

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Sports Performance

Strength & Conditioning for All Sports. 

Basketball? Football? Baseball? Soccer?

Whatever your game, Coach will help you crush it.


Weight Loss. Lean Muscle Mass. Improved Mobility.

No matter your age, shape or size, you’ll see remarkable results.


Live your best life with the ultimate nutritional plan. We’ll teach you what to eat, when to eat it, why it’s important to eat it, where to buy it and who to eat it with. (Okay, not really the last one. But you get the point.)

Click here to discover the #1 tip to get elite athlete lean.


Get your head in the game. The elite athlete mindset is part genetic, part skill. Learn life-altering fundamentals and advanced tactics to unleash your inner elite athlete and catapult yourself to success.


Sports and fitness is simply our platform for teaching athletes about life. While winning is fun, reaching the athletic goal isn’t what changes us. It’s the journey and what we learn along the way that truly transforms our lives.

Here at All-World, the journey is our focus. The win is just a pleasant side effect. 

All-World emphasizes big-picture thinking and long-term success.

Long-term success starts with staying healthy and training smart, two of the guiding principles of our custom coaching philosophy.

It isn’t enough to show up to the workout ready to go, but ignore recovery, or to spend all of our time reading about mindset training but not enough time actually practicing meditation and visualization. As we progress as individual athletes climbing towards our optimal physical and mental fitness, applying all the facets of peak performance to our life and keeping the long run in mind is key. Our athletic achievements are important, but it is the whole journey that will allow us to achieve our full potential.

At All-World, athletes achieve success at the highest level by embarking on a process that encompasses all the facets of being a great athlete—mental fitness, physical fitness, and an on-the-run and off-the-run focus.

We not only reach athletes worldwide and from all fitness levels, but also guarantee individualized programs that keep athletes thriving and climbing towards success over a long period of time— for the long run.

This long-term mentality not only makes us better and healthier athletes but also more fulfilled people!

All-World athletes can enjoy their successes as well as their journey to success. All-World is a group of athletes who are inspired by others and also inspired by their own hard work and achievements. 

Running personal records and progressing as athletes is entirely possible with the right program and mindset. Just as All-World has been around for over 11 years strong, formerly Team All-American, so do the All-World athletes see success over the long run.

While we commonly think of “community” as a group of people all gathered in one place, the community can actually mean so much more than this. All-World believes that a community is a group of people with individual goals who share a common mission.

It's a state of mind.

The focus of All-World is to unite athletes with a common purpose and passion for achieving athletic success and personal records.

Marathon Training Plans and Coaching


Whether through personal experience or through observations of others’ experiences, we all have an idea of what it means to have a “coach.” With running, some images that come to mind are stopwatches, whistles and a person standing trackside with a clipboard and visor. We imagine a wide-eyed athlete receiving a pep talk from this visor-ed figure minutes before the start of a race— we imagine wisdom.

As we become adults, though, the coaches in our lives may fade and even disappear— as adults, we probably see this coach image more frequently in movies and in our children's’ lives than in our own. Is it that we out-grow needing a “coach” or that a coach is simply harder to come by as we grow older?

Perhaps with work, family and other adult-things playing a greater role in our life, we already have enough of other people to “report to” besides a coach. Besides, if we want to maintain our fitness or reach a fitness goal, there are manuals and books that can help us. We can find instruction elsewhere.

But what about the whistle and the figure standing trackside? What about the connection we have with coach moments before the starting gun goes off? There is something more than instruction going on in these scenes in our minds.

A coach is about more than instruction, then.

Great coaching is about observing an individual and evaluating how to maximize their personal athletic ability, mentally and physically. It is part science and part art— the best coaching is anything but generic and broad. Just as a chef begins with ingredients and finds out how they best work in harmony, so does a quality coach handle each athlete with care, thoughtfulness, and technique.

Every individual athlete’s training plan should look different.

A coach does more than indicate to us when to go and stop but is also someone we trust and are inspired by and feel accountable to. The coach’s whistle, for example, comes from a place of knowledge, experience, observation, and creativity. Coaching is about more than just generic instruction, but more importantly about guidance and wisdom.

And wisdom is something we never outgrow.

At All-World, we believe adult athletes can truly benefit from a Coach, too. We believe in growing and thriving as athletes through a real coach-athlete relationship—symbolic whistle and all.

Already achieved your biggest goals and just need some inspiration? We got you!